17 Beautiful Small Garden Ideas For Your Backyard

Sometimes when people look at their small backyard garden, one filled with a few scrubby bushes, some wood chips, and perhaps a lawn or patio if they’re lucky, they sigh and throw their hands up in despair, thinking that the space is just too small to turn into something beautiful. This is a terrible misconception. Any outdoor space, no matter the size, can be turned into a beautiful, relaxing retreat with just a little time, love, and a lot of creativity.

There are a few things to consider before designing your outdoor space into a haven. A lot of people think that a small area will greatly inhibit their design capabilities, but this just isn’t true.

There’s a wealth of pictures and information that can help anyone come up with the perfect plan for their space. The first thing you have to think about is to decide what you want your yard to do for you. Obviously, you won’t be able to fit in a massive swimming pool or a huge play structure for your kids, but if you want to host parties outside, a little grill on the patio and some sweet string lights will do the trick.

If you’re worried about your kids having space to play, try creating a fairy garden or a small sandbox in a corner to give them an area. If you’re looking just for a space to relax, a place that will ignite your creative muse after a long, hard day, then some shade and a place to sit down are absolutely paramount. Keep the desired function of your garden in mind at all times.

Once you’ve figured out what you want the space to be about, start drawing up a plan. A plan will help you make the best use of all of your space. Include things like where you want your trees to go to provide good shade coverage, draw in your stone path, consider where you’d like some taller plants, some shorter plants, and some flowers. If you want an herb garden, figure out where you want to put that, too. Even something as small as a few pots outside your kitchen door can be arranged to be an eye-catching ensemble.

If you can, build up. Tiers, trellises, stacked pots, and wall-hangings are perfect ways to make use of your limited space. It requires a bit more work and creativity, but it’s nothing you can’t handle, right? If you have a hill, try and cut out some flat tiers out of it. Stack and hang pots on your patio and put useful plants in them like herbs, tomatoes, and other vegetables and fruits. Use trellises in your garden to allow plants that need more space to grow up, instead of out. Roses and vines do particularly well with this. Succulents and mosses can be arranged on a flat vertical wall hanging that doubles both as a garden, and as a work of art.

Above all, get creative! Think outside the box. Think of your small outdoor space as a blank piece of paper, just waiting to spring to life. If you’re in need of inspiration, click the button below to see what others have done with their spaces to create beautiful small backyard gardens. Happy gardening!