Pictures of Rustic Kitchen Designs

For most households, the kitchen is a room that sees a lot of busy action, but also provides a hub for families to gather and spend time with each other. This is why if you’re thinking of revamping your kitchen, you’re probably thinking of a way to balance style and functionality.

The rustic look is a timeless design style that relies on natural finishes and durable materials. Most importantly, it draws inspiration from the beauty of nature. It is an extremely versatile look that can suit any kitchen and any personal style. Whether you want your kitchen to feel luxurious and elegant, or eclectic and funky, there is a rustic style for you. Here are a few tips to think about if you’re considering a rustic kitchen.

Use a (Mostly) Natural Palette

To achieve a rustic look, choose colors that are readily found in nature to create a suitable color palette. This means sticking to muted, neutral colors such as beiges, stone greys, mossy greens, browns and whites. This type of color palette will be especially easy to achieve if you also stick to natural materials for your kitchen. For example, if you’re not fond of a lot of white, having a lot of exposed wood can lend rich colors to your kitchen while maintaining a rustic style. Unfinished stone tiles can also make a beautifully rustic tile backsplash above your stove in a variety of hues.

Mirror Your Surroundings

Keep in mind that a rustic kitchen in California can look completely different than a rustic kitchen in Maine. Think about where you live and what can naturally live and grow in your environment. Your rustic kitchen should feel like an extension of the environment, and not clash with what’s growing outside. You don’t want your kitchen to feel out of place or worse, gimmicky. Try to mimic the natural foliage and finishes that you may see if you were to pay a visit to your nearest wooded area. For example, if the trees in your area have light colored wood, try using a lighter oak for your cabinetry or furniture choices.

Farmhouse Sinks

Nothing rounds out the look of a kitchen better than a statement sink. For the rustic look, you can’t go wrong with a farmhouse sink. A large farmhouse sink with an exposed panel will immediately draw the eye and create visual interest, so it is important to consider the material it is made from. Using a natural finish such as stone can lend to a mediterranean rustic look, while using ceramic can give your kitchen a cottage-like vibe. If you want to mix luxury and rustic appeal together, think about using hammered copper which will develop a unique patina over time.

Upcycle Used Furniture

Upcycling is not only eco-friendly and budget conscious, but it can lead to the creation of beautiful, one of a kind pieces in your home. Repurposed furniture can look deceptively expensive, and they allow you to experiment with different finishes and styles. For a rustic look, consider repurposing an old wooden ladder to add shelving and storage space in your kitchen. Another great idea is to use wooden crates as a kitchen island or extra seating if you have an eat-in kitchen. Having a few upcycled touches in your kitchen can lend to a truly unique feel in your home.

If these tips have left you inspired and you’re considering a rustic kitchen in your home, check out our gallery of 13 gorgeous rustic kitchens for even more great design ideas!