12 Simple Beauty Tips and Tricks Nobody Tells You

9. Layer your Lipstick for a Lasting Effect

First, apply your lipstick as you would usually do. Then, grab a piece of two ply toilet paper. Separate the toilet paper and hold one piece over your lips while you sprinkle them with a translucent powder. Lastly, apply a second layer of lipstick and blot with the remaining piece of toilet paper.

10. Apply your Eye Makeup First

Before you apply your under eye concealer, put on your eye makeup. Then you can clean up any stray pieces of powder, mascara, or liner without erasing all that concealer you worked so hard to apply. Once you’ve cleaned your eye makeup mess, put on your concealer.

11. Get your Bobby Pins to Stay in Place

The biggest bobby pin secret is that the little wavy side should be against your scalp. What?? I know…it’s shocking but so true. Another little secret to keep those bobby pins from falling out or moving is to spray them with dry shampoo before you put them in your hair. The dry shampoo makes them a little tacky and helps them stick to your hair.

12. Freeze your Eyeliner

If you plan to sharpen your eyeliner, but you are worried about the soft eyeliner pencil breaking…freeze your eyeliner for at least 30 minutes prior to the time of sharpening. A frozen eyeliner pencil will not easily break during sharpening and will also create a crisper/more defined line when you apply it to your eye lids.

Hopefully you’ve learned something new from ‘These 12 Beauty Secrets Nobody Tells You’,and you can begin to implement them into your own beauty routine!