10 Secrets Your Dog Wishes You Knew

Secret 5: Your dog won’t forget how you treat them.

It matters whether or not you’re kind. They’ll remember it for the rest of their lives and react to you accordingly.

Secret 6: Your dog needs you to believe in them.

It’s a source of stress if you don’t. Trust them, believe that they can and will behave well, reward them when they do.

Secret 7: Time moves more slowly for your dog.

Eight hours of separation while you’re at work can feel like years. If you’re gone for more than a week or two, it will hurt them far more than it will hurt you.

Secret 8: Your dog needs your guidance.

They’re a pack animal by nature, one that is designed to follow the leader. They’ll suffer immense emotional distress when they don’t know what you expect of them. Make sure that you set clear boundaries, consequences, and rewards, and they will never let you down.

Secret 9: Your dog needs you to forgive them when they mess up.

Don’t confine them to a cage too long or take away food. Your disappointment and a quick reprimand is enough. You have your friends and family. They only have you.

Secret 10: Your dog is going to get old.

Don’t abandon them in their last few years. You’ll break their heart. Stay with them, even if it’s painful for you, it makes their passing much easier on them.

It’s important to understand that our lives are so much bigger and so much more busy than our pet’s lives. Even so, our dogs are still there for us. They might only exist for only ten or fifteen years of our lifetimes, but we’re they’re whole world. Remember, you’re their best friend. Take some time out of your day today to show them some love. You won’t regret it.