10 Secrets Your Dog Wishes You Knew

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Humans and dogs have been coexisting for thousands upon thousands of years, but there’s still a lot we have to learn about our four-legged friends. Their brains are different than ours, their lives are smaller, quieter, and more fulfilled, and if we could ask our dogs what they want us to know, they’d probably reply with a few things that might surprise you, and a few things that won’t.

Secret 1:Your dog can tell when you’re stressed or upset.

They can feel the aura you give off, and your emotions and attitudes will affect them. Don’t push them away when you need them the most, they’re only trying to help.

Secret 2: Your dog loves you with all their heart.

You’re their entire world, their soulmate, their best friend. Even when you have other things you have to go and do, people to see, places to go, your dog will always be there faithfully waiting for you to come home and say hello.

Secret 3: Your dog will protect you with their life.

Never hurt them. It’s important to remember that they have teeth that could easily rip apart your hand or break your bones, but they choose instead to give you kisses and wag their tails and show you how much they love you.

Secret 4: Your dog trusts you with their life.

They depend on you for everything: food, water, shelter, love, affection. You are everything they want and need, and they’re counting on you to give it to them. Don’t betray that trust.