10 Great Health Tips for Pregnant Women

8. Stay Active

If you did not exercise heavily before pregnancy – starting an intense workout routine after you become pregnant may not be a great idea (for you or the baby), but if you were already relatively active, you should be able to maintain your activity levels for the duration of your pregnancy. Whether or not you have pre pregnancy exercise routine, it is important to have some level of activity during your pregnancy. There are several benefits to be active during pregnancy:

-promotes an easier labor

-can help labor to begin

-usually sets a foundation for an easier recovery after childbirth

And don’t forget your Kegel exercises which strengthen the pelvic floor muscles used during labor and delivery.

9. Rest

Sleeping is not always an easy thing to achieve during pregnancy due to your ever growing belly that can make attempting to sleep very uncomfortable. The intense hormones coursing through your body can also make it hard to get rest during pregnancy. It is important to do whatever you have to do to get adequate rest each day. If that means taking a nap during the day? Well do it!

10. Educate Yourself

These tips are great starting point, but don’t stop here. Read as much as you can about pregnancy, so that you can continue to make informed and smart decisions during the remainder of your pregnancy.

The do’s and don’ts┬áduring pregnancy can seem daunting, but just remember that if you take care of yourself during pregnancy, you are taking care of your unborn child. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is very important. These 10 Health Rules For Moms To Be are a great place to start when facing a new pregnancy!